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The garden has been established on a site which was a disused former railway cutting made available by Council. Following ten months of hard work by a group of local volunteers, along with generous support from many local businesses and organisations, the garden was opened in November 1992.

There are now 4 acres of gardens, imaginatively landscaped with manicured lawns and over 100 beds in which are planted some 3000 roses, drawn from a professional selection of 400 varieties of recent hybrids and traditional favourites. Among these varieties are species, heritage, floribunda, tea roses, hybrid teas, miniatures, polyantha, rugosa, rambler and pillar roses. There is also a cascading rockery of David Austin modern shrub roses and a sunken garden planted with perfumed Delbard releases.

The garden features a number of significant structures that enhance and complement the roses. A central gazebo summer house supports several fine examples of Pierre De Ronsard underplanted with Iceberg shrubs. The Gazebo is surrounded by beds containing mass plantings, several of which have central towers. Upon these are trained such roses as Princess Margaret, Jean Galbraith and Handel. There are also tall decorative climbing frames, a pergola, several tunnel archways and dry wells containing well maintained tall standard weeping Crepuscules. Gravelled pathways meander throughout, leading to a magnificent tubular Arbour set within a sensory garden of perfumed Delbard shrub and climbing roses.

Adjacent roadway median strips and traffic roundabouts contain mass plantings of Tequila Sunrise, Royal Bassino, Europeana, Rosy Carpet, Heidesommer and Flower Carpet Gold.

To provide additional colour and interest in the garden throughout the year, plantings of spring bulbs, camellias, azaleas, annuals and perennials have been made within a park setting of established exotic and native trees.

The Beginning of the Garden Heading

A Community Steering Committee, made up of volunteer citizens was appointed in February 1992. The establishment of the garden resulted from a public meeting, convened by the local Council in 1991, to decide appropriate means by which to commemorate the centenary of the township of Morwell.

The Site..

The Site

The site, a disused former railway cutting, was made available by Council.

Planning and work commenced immediately. Following ten months of hard work by a group of local volunteers, along with generous support from many local business people and organisations, the garden was opened to the public in November of that year.

Progressive plantings and improvements have been made to bring the garden up to its current standard.



Construction costs and ongoing maintenance expenditure have been met in part by means of a small annual grant from Latrobe City Council. The remaining estimated 75% has been derived from the Community by way of management, design, services, materials, funds and man power.

However. the single most important contribution to the garden is not financial, it is the hours of caring voluntary labour provided by our "Friends of the Garden" Group.


Community Support

The Rose Society of Victoria and in particular former President Barry Johnson who set out the design of the garden, have also been very supportive in all phases of development.

We have also received exceptional support from rose breeders and suppliers whose donations and expertise have been much appreciated.




Latrobe City Council provides an annual maintenance grant and supply the gardening team who have responsibility for lawn maintenance, weeding and spraying.

Apart from that, the Friends and Committee manage all other maintenance, operational and promotional activities. The Rose Garden Advisory Committee works in partnership with Council to ensure that the garden is maintained to a high standard at all times.


Community Garden


The Morwell Centenary Rose Garden is a source of immense pride and is promoted as an outstanding example of what a community can achieve with co-operation, hard work and determination.

It is well utilised by the community for photographs, weddings, family reunions, remembrance ceremonies and music recitals.

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